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Patient satisfaction (with health care?) is intimately tied to quality of care. In order to provide a complete picture of Florida Medicaid, FCMU conducts annual surveys of Medicaid enrollees in order to monitor satisfaction over time. These surveys are based upon the CAHPS Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey instrument. Survey reports present analyses of the characteristics and experiences of Florida Medicaid enrollees.

The first in a new series of Satisfaction Chart Books was created in 2005, and published in early 2006. This chart book examines adult satisfaction with the Medicaid program, between its component programs and among various demographic groups.


A primary focus of FCMU research is access to health care, particularly for Florida"s vulnerable populations, including Medicaid recipients and the uninsured. Lack of access is partially a problem of uninsurance. Providing a clear picture of access to care, the state of uninsurance, and the impact of Medicaid on access to care helps promote the development of evidence-based policies and programs to address the problem. Also see "The Florida Health Insurance Study" below.

Quality of Care and Disease Management

When considering health care for Florida"s vulnerable populations, it is not only important to ensure access to care, but also that the care available is of high quality. FCMU has conducted a variety of studies looking at overall quality of care within Medicaid, as well as the quality of care for enrollees with specific chronic conditions, including sickle cell disease.

Mental Health

Emotional and psychological health is a powerful component of overall health. Mental health services and the mental health status of patients dealing with chronic diseases or traumatic medical conditions are important areas of research if we are to provide a complete picture of Medicaid in the state of Florida. FCMU affiliates have explored associations between adolescent ADD/ADHD and "risky" behaviors by analyzing Medicaid claims data.

Florida Health Insurance Study

FCMU has been a collaborative partner in the ongoing Florida Health Insurance Study. This study is a government funded project aimed at describing the state of uninsurance in Florida in order to develop initiatives to provide access to health care for Florida"s growing uninsured population.

A tremendous body of data was gathered through this study. FCMU has published a series of reports and issue briefs from FHIS 1999 and FHIS 2004 which interpret and present this data in eay-to-read formats.

Medicaid Reform

In December 2005, the Florida Medicaid Reform plan proposed by Governor Jeb Bush was approved for implementation in Florida. FCMU will be a collaborative partner in evaluating the implementation of reform in the state of Florida.

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